Netflix HQ Experiences First Mobilizations of Writers’ Strike

On Netflix, the writers’ strike took effect yesterday, and the entertainment industry already feels the blow. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP) failed to reach an agreement to renew the conditions of the writers of big movies and series, leading to an indefinite strike.

The strike is already affecting popular series like Cobra Kai or La Casa del dragón, while the final season of the Karate Kid series is on hold, just weeks after filming began. The Union has announced demonstrations in front of the headquarters of major companies like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and Universal, among others, demanding better conditions for the writers.

The strike is already making noise in front of Netflix’s door. Pickets have taken place at the Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles, with slogans like “Hello, Netflix, you are not good. Pay your writers as you should.”

However, this strike isn’t the only conflict that Netflix faces. The advent of streaming has meant the near loss of royalties for many screenwriters, and streaming platforms tend to be reluctant to share their audience data clearly. This decline or even disappearance of profits from the work of writers has caused tension and economic clashes.

Moreover, the rise of artificial intelligence in content creation is casting a dark shadow over the industry. These issues have triggered the writers’ strike, which can wreak havoc on films and series everywhere, similar to the one in 2008.

Today is the second day of the strike, and other headquarters may continue to register pickets to exert pressure. Netflix and other major companies need to work on better conditions for their writers, or the industry will continue to face conflicts.

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