Nagelsmann’s Tough Questions Amid Bayern’s Bankruptcy Comments

Comment on the Bayern bankruptcy: Nagelsmann has to ask himself these tough questions

Julian Nagelsmann: Navigating the Extreme Ratings of FC Bayern

Julian Nagelsmann, the new coach of FC Bayern, recently spoke about the extreme ratings given to the team. He said that from the outside, everything is either super good or super bad. This is the result of the extreme fluctuations in the team’s performance.

On one hand, Nagelsmann has led Bayern to eight wins in Europe, conceding just two goals. They also had a massive second half against Paris. But on the other hand, they lost a ten-point lead in the Bundesliga to Dortmund, which left sports director Hasan Salihamidzic visibly angry in Leverkusen.

Nagelsmann acknowledges that the fluctuations are due to how the team performs. If they combine maximum greed and emotionality with the quality they have, they can achieve anything. He also takes responsibility for the team’s performance since he decides who plays with which tactics, and he hires the stars.

However, Nagelsmann must find the right answers quickly to avoid disappointment in upcoming fixtures against Dortmund, Freiburg, and Manchester City. The team needs to be motivated, emotionally driven, and show character to avoid further setbacks.

As the coach, Nagelsmann needs to evaluate himself as well. Perhaps he needs to choose his words more carefully, ensuring that everyone is listening, or maybe some of the players have grown too comfortable with the previous season’s successes. Whatever the issues are, he must resolve them quickly to maintain a positive and winning atmosphere within the team.

In the end, Nagelsmann’s job is to navigate and balance the extreme ratings of the team. He must strive for consistency in performance, avoiding the extremes of super good or super bad.

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