Modern Java Development with Spring: Unlocking the Power of betterCode()

Last call to betterCode() Spring: This is how modern Java development works with Spring

Last call for betterCode() Spring: This is how modern Java development works with Spring

On June 28, the new online conference betterCode() Spring 2023 will provide software developers and software architects with the essential concepts and practical know-how about Spring. The focus is on the Spring Framework in version 6 and Spring Boot 3 – both of which have become indispensable in modern software development with Java.

Develop quickly, securely and efficiently

Many Java developers rely on Spring or Spring Boot in their daily work. In practice, however, numerous aspects have to be taken into account, from the first line of code to the operation of the finished application.

The betterCode() Spring 2023 presented by heise Developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag therefore provides concrete suggestions and assistance for simpler development work with Spring in six lectures and a subsequent all-day workshop. Participants will get answers to important questions that arise when developing applications with Spring.

Highlights from the program:

1. How do you structure a Spring Boot application?
2. How do you design tests that don’t last forever?
3. How do you program high-performance database access?
4. How do you develop a reactive API?
5. How do you effectively prepare an application for use in production?

The range of topics covered in the lectures ranges from the concepts to the operation of the application. While Björn Wilmsmann, in his introduction to Spring, uses an example application to illuminate fundamental aspects such as the convention-over-configuration concept, Tom Hombergs and Oliver Drotbohm discuss how the advantages of modularity can be used effectively. With a look at the Reactor Framework, Benedikt Jerat leads to reactive programming and shows how a functional microservice with REST interface and persistence can be created. Before Nele Uhlemann explains the importance of observability and its anchoring as an important prerequisite for monitoring the performance of an application in production, Thorben Janssen and Dirk Kröhan address various methods for increasing performance – on the one hand for the persistence framework Spring Data JPA, on the other hand for the indispensable integration tests.

Workshop on security with Spring

Anyone interested in how applications can be secured will find step-by-step instructions with Thomas Kruse on July 18 in the online workshop “Secure Java Applications with Spring Security” – from the basic concepts such as Users, roles and rights, to securing application areas and user management.

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The entire conference program and detailed information on the procedure, the presentations and speakers can be found on the website of the online event, which is tailored to software architects and software developers. The lectures are also available to participants as a recording for follow-up.
Tickets for betterCode() Spring 2023 can be booked for EUR 249 (all prices plus 19% VAT). Participation in the workshop costs 499 euros. You can save even more with the combination ticket for 699 euros. Those who would like to take part in the conference with the team can also benefit from group discounts that are available in the ticket shop. (map) To the home page.

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