Missing Repository: The Debate on Nuclear Phase-out

Nuclear phase-out: A repository is missing - also for some debates

The use of nuclear power to generate electricity in Germany will come to a temporary end on April 15, 2023. However, this victory for strict opponents of nuclear power is small as surrounding countries continue to rely on it. To ensure safety, it is essential to fight internationally for the end of nuclear power and closely monitor dilapidated nuclear power plants, such as those in France.

While some people like to consider scenarios where nuclear power plants continue to run, the issue of safe storage for nuclear waste is often neglected. This problem will not go away with the end of nuclear power generation in Germany, and the debate will likely continue.

Nuclear power does not fit well into Germany’s current energy mix as the remaining nuclear power plants have forced wind turbines to stand still. Coal-fired power plants must temporarily work more to make up for the shortfall, causing climate concerns.

Despite the economic and political settlement of the phase-out of nuclear power, the question of final storage remains unsolved. The issue of conflicting energy policy ideas has impacted Germany’s energy sector, which we are currently paying the price for.

The question remains: what should be done with the nuclear waste? While some hope for future “incubation” or long-term defusing of waste, a repository must be built by 2050. However, doubts remain as to whether this will be achieved.

Germany’s response to the issue of nuclear waste raises concerns about its ability to take responsibility and manage follow-up care properly. Therefore, it may be prudent to consider less risky technologies in the future.

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