Militant Vegan Raps Fiery Response to Katja Krasavice.

Militant vegan directs Disstrack against Katja Krasavice:

Leipzig – The casting of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” saw activist Raffaela Raab (27), also known as “Die Militante Veganerin”, perform in front of the four-person jury led by Dieter Bohlen (69). However, the activist did not receive a warm welcome and had a disagreement with juror Katja Krasavice (26) after the performance.

Raffaela released a new song on YouTube titled “Free the Zitze”, where she called out rapper Katja for her double standards. Raffaela criticized Katja for defending candidate Jill Lange (22) against insults but not showing the same solidarity for female animals. During the casting, all four jury members, including Katja, stated that they were not vegan.

The song “Free the Zitze” offers heartbreaking images of pigs in a slaughterhouse, a suckler cow whose calf is taken away, and chickens torn into pieces. Raffaela sings in her clip, questioning whether the cow’s name would be Jill if Katja had defended her.

Singer Pietro Lombardi (30) boasted that he had treated himself to two schnitzels during the lunch break, while Katja’s Instagram story featured a picture of two wild rabbits in the city with the caption “A heart for rabbits.”

Raffaela, who comes from Austria and was formerly a doctor, is now dedicated entirely to animal rights activism. Her videos, in which she confronts people on the street about veganism and the consequences of meat production, have been viewed thousands of times. People have mixed opinions about her direct approach.

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