Michael Wendler’s Influence: Laura Müller’s Loss of Earnings

Because of Michael Wendler: How much money Laura Müller is slipping through her fingers

Laura Müller, the 22-year-old wife of Michael Wendler, could have had a brilliant career if it wasn’t for her loyalty to her controversial husband. Since Wendler’s telegram fuss, every deal that Laura has tried to secure has burst. BILD spoke to a social media expert who estimated that Laura has missed out on millions of euros because of Michael’s crude statements.

Recent examples of lost potential earnings include a baby company deal that Laura advertised on Instagram, which broke a few days before the announcement that the new RTLZWEI documentary featuring the Wendlers had been withdrawn from the broadcaster. The documentary would have earned the Wendlers around 500,000 euros in fee.

Michael Wendler’s clear statement, “As long as Laura is with Michael Wendler, there will be no second shoot with her,” has impacted Laura’s earning potential severely. Although she was popular on Let’s Dance in 2020, Michael’s crude statements have all but destroyed her career.

Currently, Laura generates income from naked content via OnlyFans, a platform where she is now even marketing her baby bump. However, without cooperation from companies, Laura will find it difficult to make much money.

The social media expert advised Laura to distance herself completely from Michael Wendler digitally and make a clear statement that she distances herself from his statements. This would allow her to be considered an independent person, and not just Michael Wendler’s wife.

The expert estimated that Laura has already suffered losses in the single-digit million range. While it remains to be seen if Laura can regain her career, she will need to take a strong stance against Michael Wendler’s controversial behavior to have any chance of success.

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