Désirée Nick’s Instagram post causes jealousy among 20-year-olds

Désirée Nick naked on Instagram – "Every 20-year-old gets jealous"

Désirée Nick: The Cabaret Artist Who Bares It All

German cabaret artist Désirée Nick is known for her sharp tongue and glamorous persona. On Instagram, she often posts pictures of herself in glittering dresses, but she also likes to share more revealing snapshots. On Saturday, March 11th, she surprised her followers with a nude photo.

In the picture, the 66-year-old wears nothing but black pumps and a matching hat. She covers her nipples with butterflies and holds a self-timer in her hand. Fans have been quick to praise the revealing photo and to comment on Nick’s beauty and sexuality.

Nick herself has a different message for her followers. In the caption, she mentions that she’s preparing for her next live podcast with talk guest Micaela Schäfer. The two will record the 99th edition of Nick’s podcast in Berlin on March 23rd.

The podcast promises to be a unique experience as it brings together two very different personalities. As the caption states, “Erotic star meets the Queen of Mean! Real high culture!” This episode is expected to be quite popular among listeners.

In conclusion, Désirée Nick is a fascinating personality who is not afraid to bare it all. Her nude photo on Instagram has sparked much discussion among her fans, and her upcoming podcast with Micaela Schäfer is sure to be a hit. Whether she’s wearing long glittering dresses or no fabric at all, Nick proves that age is just a number and that a strong personality goes a long way.

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