Melissa Takes a Stand: Denounces Kalimba’s Alleged Sexual Abuse

Former La Voz Contestant Accuses Kalimba of Sexual Abuse

Melissa Galindo, a former contestant on the singing competition show La Voz, recently accused Kalimba of touching her inappropriately. The 34-year-old singer shared her story via her social media accounts on March 16, and on Tuesday, March 28, she released a statement through her legal team detailing her experience.

Legal Action Against Kalimba Confirmed

ROCA, the law firm representing Melissa Galindo, confirmed that they will be taking legal action against Kalimba for sexual abuse. Kalimba announced that he plans to sue for non-pecuniary damages following Melissa’s accusations.

Melissa Speaks Out Against Revictimization

Melissa’s statement through her legal representatives expressed concern for the revictimization she has suffered both online and by those involved in the situation. The statement addresses the fact that many victims of sexual abuse often wait years before speaking out and that victims don’t owe empathy to their attackers.

Calls for Support and Empathy for Victims of Violence

ROCA emphasizes the importance of empathy, support, and responsibility for victims of violence, and that not all victims recognize violence at the moment it happens. The statement further underscores the need to fight against the normalization of violence toward women in Mexico.

Melissa Galindo To Legally Pursue Case

Melissa Galindo and her legal team revealed that she plans to sue Kalimba for aggravated sexual abuse. They express appreciation for the support and empathy they’ve received in response to the allegations and offer support to other women who have experienced similar situations.

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