LIVE – PFL Paris: The Preliminary Card has Begun

It’s time for the first fight. A women’s duel in the -57kg category between England’s Shanelle Dyer and Colombia’s Luisa Cifuentes in a slowly filling Zenith.

Preliminary card schedule:
-61 kg (M): Taleb-Kakhorov (semi-finals)
-61 kg (M): Mlambo-Benkaci (semi-finals)
-70 kg (M): Tuke-Kaszuba (semi-finals)
-70 kg (M): Mitchell-Derouiche (semi-finals)
-57 kg (F): Dyer-Cifuentes

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How does PFL work, with its high-paying tournaments? MMA is back in the French capital with PFL, a league that offers a regular season among ten fighters in the same weight category, with a title at stake at the end of the regular season.

Abdoul Abdouraguimov, the “lazy king” and an MMA UFO in France. Abdoul Abdouraguimov, one of the favorites in French MMA, will make his debut at PFL in Paris this Saturday night. It is an opportunity for the general public to get to know a fighter with a unique profile, whose Dagestani origins have shaped an extraordinary journey.

Does Jordan Zebo have everything to gain, or a lot to lose? Jordan Zebo will challenge his compatriot Cédric Doumbé in the main event this Saturday. It is an opportunity for him to shine and reveal himself to the world. Trained by Fernand Lopez, his opponent’s “best enemy,” the 23-year-old fighter believes he can defeat the former kickboxer, who has taunted him throughout the preparation. Zebo intends to respond in the octagon.

Great mouth and legend of kickboxing, Cédric Doumbé now aims for the heights of MMA. Cédric Doumbé is an icon of kickboxing. But for the past two years, the Franco-Cameroonian (31 years old), known for his humor and provocations, has entered the world of MMA with the goal of crushing everything in his path. Starting with Jordan Zebo, his next opponent in his PFL debut this Saturday.

“On the way to writing the history of sports,” Cédric Doumbé shows his confidence. Invited to the RMC weekend morning show this Saturday, Cédric Doumbé talked about the anticipation surrounding this fight: “I am very confident, more than in my previous fights. However, there is a greater enthusiasm. All of France will have its eyes on this fight but strangely, I am eager and confident. There is pressure, we want to perform well and not disappoint, but it will be beneficial… There is an incredible excitement. I have talked and provoked so much that I cannot make any mistakes. That is why everyone is eager to see this fight. There is no doubt. I have put in all the effort: I have impeccable preparation and lifestyle. There is nothing that can stop me from defeating this opponent. Everyone thinks he has the weapons to beat me, but no. I am on my way to writing the history of French, global, and above all, Cédric Doumbé’s sports career.”

The program for the evening on RMC Sport channels:
5:00 PM – 8:30 PM: The first five fights exclusively on Twitch RMC Sport.
From 8:30 PM: All other fights on RMC Sport 2.
From 10:30 PM: The three main fights:
These three fights can be watched on RMC Sport 2 and for free on RMC Découverte (Channel 24 on TNT), RMC-BFM Play, and the RMC Sport website and app.

Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the combat event of the weekend. After the second edition of UFC Paris, the French capital is hosting another major combat sports event this Saturday night at Zenith de Paris: PFL Paris (Professional Fighters League). Among the five French fighters who will compete, the phenomenon Cédric Doumbé will have his first fight in MMA organization. As a kickboxing figure, the trashtalker has taken on a new discipline to become the “best fighter in the world”. He will face his compatriot Jordan Zebo, a rising star in French MMA, in the main event. All fights of this special evening can be watched live and exclusively from 5 PM on Altice group media (RMC Sport, Twitch RMC Sport channel, RMC Découverte, RMC BFM Play, and the RMC Sport website and app). Subscribe to the RMC Sport combat pass to not miss this exceptional evening.

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