KDE Plasma 6 Embraces Wayland for Linux

Linux: KDE Plasma 6 relies on Wayland

KDE Plasma developers have decided in a face-to-face meeting to make Wayland the default session instead of X11 for the desktop environment. The group has identified five “Wayland showstoppers” that need to be resolved before Wayland can be a preset, one of which is that some apps do not reliably ask the user to save unsaved changes when logging out. The developers also want to make opening files and folders easier for KDE Plasma newcomers by requiring a double click instead of just a mouse click in Plasma 6. In addition, the panel in Plasma 6 will float at the bottom of the screen by default to avoid confusion with Windows 11, and the group has narrowed down the list of sensible default settings for KDE Plasma 6.

The KDE developers received feedback on the Plasma Desktop from Tuxedo Computers and employees of the city of Treutlingen who use KDE software. KDE Plasma 6 does not have a release date yet. The last version of the 5 series, Plasma 5.27 LTS, will be provided with bug fixes until the release of Plasma 6.

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