Jasmin Tawil Released from Psychiatric Clinic

Jasmin Tawil is out of the psychiatric clinic

Jasmin Tawil, the former GZSZ actress, has been released from the psychiatric clinic where she was admitted by the police in Costa Rica. After a dramatic seven days, Tawil was arrested on March 11 and moved to a clinic in Puntarenas before being transferred to San José. While there, she stated that nobody could tell her when she was allowed to leave the clinic.

However, on Saturday, Tawil was allowed to leave the clinic again, and RTL reported that her three-year-old son, Ocean, is currently being looked after by the staff of the German embassy. The boy has both German and American citizenship and is reportedly going to be flown to Germany.

Tawil had fallen out with the father of her child, who lives in Hawaii. It is unclear whether she will be able to hold her child again in Costa Rica or at home.

According to BILD information, Tawil is running three procedures in Costa Rica, and an arrest warrant led to her arrest. She had gone into hiding several days before her arrest.

In an interview with a broadcaster, Tawil revealed that the experience was the worst thing she had ever been through. We hope Tawil can reunite with her son soon and get back on track with her life.

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