Jamie Lee Curtis Injures Foot During Oscar Jump

Jamie Lee Curtis breaks foot after Oscar jump

Jamie Lee Curtis Jumps for Joy at Oscar Win, Despite Injury

On Monday night, Jamie Lee Curtis took to the Oscars stage for the first time in her career to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress. The 64-year-old actress was so overjoyed that she couldn’t resist jumping up and down on stage – despite the fact that her high heels weren’t exactly comfortable. Unfortunately, one foot didn’t agree with her celebratory antics.

Curtis took to her Instagram profile to reveal that she had injured herself while jumping. Although she didn’t provide any details about the extent of her injury, she did make light of the situation: “The thrill of victory and the torment of the foot.”

Despite her injury, Jamie Lee Curtis was thrilled to receive the Oscar for her supporting role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. In fact, she had a special message to share while accepting her award. For Curtis, the Oscar is not just male or female – it’s gender-neutral. That’s why she uses the pronouns “they/them” for her new trophy.

Curtis made headlines in 2020 when she came out as trans. She is a great actress and wonderful mom, but she is also a champion for inclusivity and acceptance. By emphasizing the gender-neutral nature of her Oscar win, she is continuing to make an important statement about identity and representation.

Although Curtis may have injured herself in the process, she is clearly overjoyed by her first Oscar win. In an interview on the US show “Today”, she explained that she never expected to win the award “in a million years”. Despite the injury, she seems to be taking it all in stride, funny bone included.

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