Mario Barth’s Former Villa Foreclosed: The Curse of the Unlucky Luxury Building

Mario Barth's former villa foreclosed: The luxury building brought nobody luck

Gray walls that once housed the dreams of a famous comedian, Mario Barth, are now up for grabs. This luxury villa in Düsseldorf was sold by Barth in 2011 before he even moved in, hoping that the new owners would be happy here. Rudolf Brauner, Managing Director of “ZV max GmbH,” recently accompanied interested parties to the compulsory auction of the house.

Back in 2011, Barth faced a stressful situation with the neighbors since he had made significant alterations to the property, including building a large garage to house his luxury cars. A couple of entrepreneurs eventually bought the villa but never moved in since they divorced shortly after the purchase.

The former Barth villa boasts eight rooms, an open kitchen, six bathrooms, and a stunning swimming pool, sauna and wellness area. Due to the ex-couple’s inability to agree on a joint sales strategy, the villa was put up for compulsory auction.

In the end, the villa was sold for a whopping 4.1 million euros to the woman, who will need to pay half of the sum to her ex-husband to claim the ownership. It is hoped that this time around, the villa will bring her much joy and luck – alone.

May this beautiful villa finally find its rightful owner and become a coveted haven for someone seeking luxury and modern comforts away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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