Introducing SeaTable 4.0: The Cutting-Edge, File Management Solution

Modern Excel alternative SeaTable 4.0 with completely new file management

SeaTable, a Mainz-based company, has released version 4.0 of its software, introducing improved file management and new functions. The software, similar to its US competitor AirTable, utilizes SeaTable Cloud to connect databases with Excel spreadsheets. It also offers low and no-code features for creating database-driven applications. The latest version focuses on enhancing file management, following the introduction of the Big Data backend in 2022, which removed the previous row limit of 100,000 rows.

One of the notable features in version 4.0 is the new file manager, accessible through the toolbar. Users can drag and drop files directly into table columns, copy and move files, and edit Office documents within the integrated editor. Users have the option to create their own folders or link the file structure to their respective bases. The files will also be accessible for Python scripts, web forms, and plug-ins, although these integrations are still under development and will be introduced in future versions.

SeaTable has further integrated its file sync and share software, Seafile, in view of the improved file management. Bases larger than 100 MB can no longer be exported, but they can be hosted on servers with Seafile. Users only need the API token from Seafile’s web interface and link it with their SeaTable account to access the library in the updated file manager.

In addition to the file management improvements, version 4.0 includes other enhancements. It introduces a dedicated column type for signatures and combines the statistics tool with the extended statistics plugin, eliminating the need for separate installations. SeaTable is also expanding the Universal App Builder, allowing users to build data query apps and search the data set for specific values.

However, with the increased range of functions, SeaTable will be raising the prices for its in-house operation licenses. The program remains free for up to three users, but for more than 50 users, the price will increase from 3,500 to 4,500 euros. On the other hand, teams of up to 25 people will receive a reduced license fee, dropping from 1500 to 1250 euros. These new prices will take effect from August 1, 2023, and existing customers will receive extension until December 31, 2023, at the old prices. SeaTable Cloud users will not be affected by these changes.

The latest version of SeaTable, version 4.0, is available for download from the associated Docker repository.

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