AlDente: The Ultimate Battery Saver for Mobile Macs

AlDente: battery saver for mobile Macs

Charging your Mac’s battery is an important task if you want to use your battery for a long time. Although macOS has some built-in tools to help with this, the options are quite limited. However, there is a solution: AlDente charging tool. The Pro version can even control the MagSafe charging LED, allowing for various displays. AlDente comes from a team in Austria and is also available as a free version with limited functions for testing.

With the Pro version, you can set the level up to which the battery should be charged and only fill it up completely when necessary. This is based on the idea that users know better than the routine recognition of macOS when they need a full battery or not. AlDente Pro also allows the definition of a maximum temperature up to which charging is allowed. Additionally, the battery can be automatically discharged when connected.

The so-called sailing mode allows you to switch between healthy charge levels. After charging to 80 percent, AlDente then automatically lets the charge level drop to 75 percent over time, for example. When the 75 percent is reached, it is charged again to 80 percent. Various statistical functions are also integrated, and a “Top Up” feature allows you to charge completely to 100 percent if needed.

AlDente Pro can automatically stop loading when the computer is in sleep mode, and the app can also be controlled via Apple shortcuts. An exclusive function concerns the MagSafe LED: This uses the light integrated in the magnetic connector to display various statuses. AlDente Pro costs 11.30 euros per year or 23.80 euros as a single purchase. The tool is also part of the Setapp subscription.

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