International Women’s Day: The Absence of Women Leaves a 50 Percent Void – A Reflection

International Women's Day: Without women, 50 percent are missing - a comment

Courage, willingness, and creativity are positive characteristics that are vital for success, and these traits are present in both men and women. However, despite possessing these qualities, women are still underrepresented in senior positions in various fields. They are less likely to be on the board of directors in companies, hold high-ranking positions in politics, or serve as chief editors. Similarly, they are often underrepresented in show business, where they are relegated to typical roles, reduced to their bodies and not recognized for their intelligence.

This situation needs to change because women comprise half of the world’s population, and their absence in leadership roles is a significant loss for society. We need women role models to inspire future generations and catalyze necessary social change. This change is not just for young women; men, too, can benefit from it.

On International Women’s Day, BILD is celebrating women who have broken barriers a paving the way for future generations. This celebration is critical, but promoting gender equity should be a year-round effort. A fairer society benefits everyone, not just women, but men too. By promoting women’s participation and equal representation in all fields, we can create a world that is truly fair and just.

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