Hidalgo in Tahiti: Mayor of Paris’ Trip Costs Nearly 60,000 Euros

The trip of Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to Tahiti cost nearly 60,000 euros. The expenses were incurred for this trip.

Hidalgo’s trip to Tahiti has come under scrutiny due to the high cost. The total cost of the trip was approximately 60,000 euros.

Critics argue that this amount of money could have been used for more useful purposes, such as improving infrastructure or social programs in Paris.

Hidalgo’s office defended the trip, stating that it was necessary for diplomatic relations and to promote tourism opportunities between Paris and Tahiti.

The expenses included flights, accommodations, meals, and transportation during the trip. The cost was covered by public funds.

Some critics have called for more transparency and accountability in the use of public funds for official trips.

Hidalgo is not the first political figure to face criticism over expensive trips. Such incidents often spark debates about the appropriate use of public money.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will affect Hidalgo’s political career and public perception.

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