Hansa Rostock Competes for Championship, But Only on Console

Hansa Rostock is playing for the championship - unfortunately only on the console

Hansa’s eFootball team is making waves in the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) as they compete in the German championship this weekend. Levy Rieck (20) and Henning Wilmbusse (18) are leading the charge for Hansa’s Colors in the football simulation game “Fifa”. As one of the title contenders, the team is hoping to repeat last year’s success, where they finished fourth in the competition.

Rieck, who is one of Germany’s greatest talents at the games console, is a Hansa fan from Köthen who relocated to Rostock in 2021 to study teaching. He says, “E-sport is like a full-time job. I can use it to finance my studies.” Rieck trains up to six hours a day to keep up with the best console kickers and is now playing in the DFB squad.

Rick Feldmann, Head of eFootball (28), says that the team is dedicated to reaching young target groups and expanding their fan base. “The interest of fans and sponsors is great. There is a lot of diligence and passion in our project,” he adds.

The virtual football team has come a long way since they began online tournaments in 2020. With the market for e-sports rapidly growing, the team is hopeful of future success. Rieck says, “It’s a great feeling to be able to represent your heart club nationally and internationally.”

As Hansa’s pros battle relegation in the second division, the eFootball team is making a name for themselves in the virtual world. The final tournament of the VBL in Cologne will see some of the best console kickers in the country competing for the top spot. While the team hopes to win the German championship title, they also hope to inspire young gamers to follow in their footsteps.

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