Guaynaa’s Inspiring Journey with Lele PonsLele Pons

Guaynaa Opens Up About Personal Struggles

Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa has been making headlines recently, first with his marriage to fellow singer and influencer Lele Pons and now with a candid interview where he reveals his struggles with addiction. In the interview, the singer shares a message of hope and inspiration for those going through similar situations.

“The truth sets you free, and well, this is mine. Two years ago, I became a person free of drugs,” Guaynaa writes in an Instagram post that shares a clip of the interview. “I hope this message serves as an inspiration to those who have lost their faith, as I once had lost it. It won’t be easy, but YES YOU CAN!!!”

Guaynaa’s Addiction Struggle

During the interview on the Spanish program “El Hormiguero,” Guaynaa reveals that he had never spoken publicly about his drug addiction but that he was admitted to rehab. He also explains the difference between alcohol and drug rehabilitation, noting that alcohol is generally more difficult to overcome due to physical dependence.

When asked about his rehabilitation, Guaynaa acknowledges the challenges he faced. “You have to be very aware of what you feel in your body to avoid relapse,” he says. However, he credits his loved ones, including Lele Pons and his family, for providing the support and strength he needed to overcome his addiction.

Guaynaa’s Background and Career

Born Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez in Puerto Rico in 1992, Guaynaa initially pursued a degree in chemical engineering before turning to music production. His stage name comes from the term guaynabito, which colloquially refers to a snobbish upper-middle-class person from the municipality of Guaynabo. Guaynaa adopted the name ironically, seeing himself as “a reggaeton player on the inside and a posh guy on the outside.”

Today, Guaynaa is a rising star in the Latin music world, with his catchy reggaeton hits gaining him a large following across social media. And with his recent interview, he’s shown that even celebrities can struggle with personal demons, offering hope to others who may be facing similar challenges.

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