Google I/O Unveils AI-Powered Snapshot Search and Chatbot Features

Google I/O: The new search gets AI snapshots and a kind of chatbot

Google’s core business remains its search function, but the tech giant has also announced new functions for generative artificial intelligence (AI). However, the company has pointed out that AI in search is not fundamentally new, as it has been using machine learning and AI for a range of functions for some time. New individual components for users include a box above search results and Bard, a conversational AI. With the new AI search, users can more easily ask complex questions and get clear answers.

The results include a “Snapshot with key information” and relevant links for further information. The AI snapshot takes the position zero spot, appearing above search results, and new conversation tabs enable users to ask follow-up questions. However, ads will continue to display between search results.

Despite its promise, Google has warned that the AI search is still in an experimental phase and may make mistakes. Users in the US can test the new feature in “Search Generative Experience” via the Search Labs, providing feedback to Google in the process.

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