Cloud Native Festival 2023: Register for CloudLand now!

CloudLand 2023: Register now for the Cloud Native Festival

Cloud Native Festival CloudLand 2023 is back and registration is open! The event is taking place from June 20th to June 23rd, 2023 in Phantasialand (Brühl). Participants will have the opportunity to network and exchange experiences in four subject areas: container & cloud technologies, microservices & domain-driven design, DevOps & methodology, and CI/CD & automation.

The event, organized by the German-speaking Cloud Native Community of the DOAG, will feature interactive workshops, hands-on sessions, and open discussions. A barcamp called Cloudcamp is also part of the program. With more than 200 interactive highlights, participants can learn practical know-how in cloud-native projects.

Workshops like OpenKnowledge and Google Kubernetes offer the chance to delve deep into areas such as Kubernetes, containers, DDD, and AWS. Interactive tutorials like More security in Kubernetes – with Kyverno and Deploying apps easily with Cloud Foundry offer help and guidance for advanced topics like security and production-ready application deployment in the cloud.

Fun and entertainment are not neglected at the festival, with the Gaming Night offering the CloudLand Jeopardy quiz, musical experiments with the Raspberry Pi, and the interactive Hebocon workshop for self-made robots. The summer night on June 21 is the crowning highlight, where JP and Friends and Vanessa Iraci will rock the Community Hall stage.

Several ticket options are available, including the CloudLand All-in-One Pass for the entire event, the 3-day ticket (CloudLand Festival Pass) with a hotel room, and a one-day ticket for the CloudCamp. Rooms can also be booked in partner hotels, but it is advisable to reserve early.

The current hashtag for the event is #CloudLand2023, and participants can keep updated with the CloudLand team’s Twitter and Mastodon pages or by visiting the event website. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and have fun at Cloud Native Festival CloudLand 2023!

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