GitLab 15.10 Introduces Web IDE Branching for Efficient Team Collaboration

GitLab 15.10 creates new branches within the web IDE

GitLab Monthly Update Brings Over 115 New Features in March

GitLab has released its monthly update for March with version number 15.10, which comes with over 115 new features. One of the updates affects the beta web IDE, where users can now create new branches at any time while making changes without having to close the IDE. This feature, based on Visual Studio Code, was first introduced in version 15.7 and is available to users of all editions.

New SAST Function for GitLab Ultimate Users

GitLab has a new SAST (Static Application Security Testing) function for GitLab Ultimate users. The Semgrep and KICS-based analyzers now automatically fix security gaps that they detect when users disable a predefined rule or GitLab removes a rule from the default rule set. Previously, when a rule was no longer scanned, its findings were marked as “no longer recognized,” but still had to be actively fixed. And when the rule was activated again, its findings were reopened for triage.

Overview Page for Branch-related Protection on GitLab

A new overview page dedicated to branch-related protection is now available on in all three editions of the software, including Free, Premium, and Ultimate. Users can access the overview page through Settings > Repository > Branch Rules. This page will provide users with an overview of all branches, including methods for protecting them, associated merge request approvals, security approvals, protected branches, and status checks. Previously, these settings were organized by type, which the GitLab team said made it difficult to keep track of them all.

Automate Releases to Apple’s TestFlight Beta Testing Environment and App Store

GitLab 15.10 integration with Apple’s App Store allows projects to be configured and validated with Apple App Store credentials. The credentials can be used in CI/CD pipelines to automate releases to Apple’s TestFlight beta testing environment and the App Store.

GitLab’s Price Increase

GitLab recently increased the prices for premium customers by over 50 percent. However, the company remains competitive with other enterprise-grade offerings in the market. The new update and features will give users the desired value for money.

A blog post on GitLab’s website goes into greater detail on the new updates and features in the 15.10 release.

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