Fortnite Upgraded with Unreal Engine 5’s Advanced Editor

Unreal Engine 5: "Fortnite" gets a powerful editor

Epic Games has released a new tool that allows fans and hobby developers to create content for “Fortnite”. The “Unreal Editor for Fortnite” is reminiscent of games like “Roblox”, where users are encouraged to develop their own content, maps and game modes. This new tool is set to expand the possibilities for content creators, offering most of the same tools that Epic Games used to develop “Fortnite”.

Using the “Unreal Editor for Fortnite”, creators are not limited to the assets provided in the colorful shooter; the demo video from Epic Games features a user-created environment that is more similar to a fantasy role-playing game, complete with sci-fi graphics and cel shading style. The tool allows for a more creative environment, opening up new avenues for fans to explore.

To encourage users to develop content for “Fortnite”, Epic Games is revising its earning potential. The company plans to pool 40% of all sales from the “Fortnite” item shop, which will be split among creators developing content for the game – including Epic Games itself. The payouts will be based on the popularity of the content, and the company will reward content creators who attract new players or bring back previous ones.

While the concept of user-created game modes is not new, games like “Dota” have evolved from a custom game mode of “Warcraft 3”. With the “Unreal Editor for Fortnite”, Epic Games has combined the technical capabilities of the Unreal Engine with the popularity of “Fortnite”, turning it into a creative platform that could outshine competitors like “Roblox”.

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