Family Rivalry Reigns as FCN’s Hecking Faces Bielefeld Challenge

FCN in Bielefeld: family duel for Dieter Hecking

Dieter Hecking, the board coach of FCN, is preparing for an important game against Arminia in Bielefeld on Friday. However, it’s not just an ordinary game for Hecking, as he will face his own son, Jonas Hecking, who works as a scout for Arminia since 2019.

Despite this family duel, Hecking is positive about his team’s chances of winning against Arminia. As the former HSV coach, he managed to get two draws against Bielefeld in the 2019/20 season and a win in the first half of the current season, where he was still working exclusively as a sports director.

Meanwhile, Jonas is reportedly aiming for a similar position in the future, and is currently completing his DFB training in “Management in professional football.”

In other club news, Nuremberg has announced that all 50,000 tickets for the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup against VfB Stuttgart have been sold out. Meanwhile, some key players are expected to make a comeback in the Bielefeld game. Jannes Horn, James Lawrence, and Tim Handwerker were all absent in the game against Braunschweig, but Hecking is hopeful that some of them will be able to make an appearance.

In addition, Enrico Valentini, Johannes Geis, and Sadik Fofana, who have all received four yellow cards each, will have to watch out for the next warning to avoid suspension.

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