Exploring the Risks of Sex in Space within Space Tourism Industry

Space tourism: The industry should discuss the risks of sex in space

As space tourism becomes an emerging reality, a research team has called for discussions to address the potential risks of “uncontrolled human conception” in space. Led by astrobiologist David Cullen, the team from the UK’s Cranfield University argued that the changing conditions of space travel requires a broader debate on the subject. As space travel becomes an option for those outside the scientific community, those who take risks and seek new experiences, such as Elon Musk, may disregard regulations and social norms, potentially leading to an increase in sexual activity in space.

However, the team primarily addressed the biological implications of conception in space. They explained that we currently lack knowledge of how weightlessness and radiation affects human germ. Few existing studies point to significant consequences for the reproductive process. The existing contraceptive methods used on Earth need testing in space. The study identified further themes for popular discussion, such as the polar research stations, which could influence the frequency of sexual activities.

According to the research team, the discussion could also focus on agreeing to take precautions before a flight, with the possibility of making private individuals aware of the risks and obliging them to sign waivers. The team lists the agencies that should address the issue, and also anticipates the emergence of pornographic films from space. In conclusion, the discussion is necessary to agree on precautions and risks for all types of potential space flights.

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