Transfer Market – PSG: His dream will be shattered in Paris

The PSG’s Dream of Recruiting Bernardo Silva is Falling Apart

Luis Campos has been at PSG since June 10, 2022, but has still not been able to secure the signing of his dream recruit Bernardo Silva, as revealed by in August 2022. Following a second consecutive failure in the summer of 2023, it seems that PSG may not be making the maximum effort to sign Silva, despite the excellent market opportunity represented by his availability in 2024.

Campos has been with PSG since the summer of 2022 and has been actively seeking to recruit Bernardo Silva, whom he revealed to be his dream signing in August of the same year. Despite a failed attempt to sign him and a €80M offer rejected by Manchester City, PSG made another attempt in the last off-season.

However, once again, PSG hit a wall. In fact, it was reported that the dossier was closed by PSG at the beginning of August 2023. According to a source close to the operation as reported by Le Parisien, Manchester City’s response to PSG’s attempts to acquire Bernardo Silva was always the same: “We will not sell him because there is no other player in the world like him. That is why we are keeping Bernardo.”

What now for PSG and Bernardo Silva? Despite his contract extension with Manchester City, a release clause of €58M has been included, which will be effective during the summer of 2024. Behind the scenes, it has been suggested in recent weeks that the recruitment of Bernardo Silva is no longer seen as a priority by the top executives at Paris Saint-Germain. Luis Campos’s dream could therefore be falling apart.

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