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ChatGPT in the Classroom: Dispelling Fears

The idea of using artificially intelligent chatbots, specifically ChatGPT, in the classroom might seem laughable at first glance. After all, hasn’t social media and instant messaging been banned in schools around the world? And what about schools that don’t have reliable internet connections?

Aside from these initial worries, what impact might ChatGPT have on grading and student performance assessments? And how can we ensure that student data is properly protected when using ChatGPT?

Fortunately, the weekly c’t podcast, c’t uplink, features discussions on the topic. According to c’t journalist Dorothee Wiegand, most fears related to ChatGPT in the classroom are exaggerated. The primary use for ChatGPT in the classroom is to teach students how to use AI systems and master their use, while also learning their limitations. For example, it’s important to double-check everything ChatGPT says to avoid errors.

Companies are already making tailor-made AI applications for schools, which can help avoid data protection issues. Plus.line AG is one such company, whose managed cloud/hosting, network services & IT outsourcing solutions have been used by over 400 customers.

Overall, incorporating AI into classrooms has the potential to revolutionize education, but it’s important to tread carefully and address any concerns related to data protection and performance assessments. By doing so, we can help students learn valuable skills for the future.

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