Exploring JavaLand: Insights from Nora Schöner and Lisa Moritz on Software Architecture TV

software-architektur.tv: JavaLand impressions with Nora Schöner and Lisa Moritz

JavaLand Conference: Impressions and Experiences

Last March 21st and 22nd, Java developers gathered for the JavaLand Conference, one of the major events in the Java community. Participants can access the program and details of the conference through the conference website. Nora Schöner and Lisa Moritz shared their experiences and impressions about the conference. Schöner, who was part of the program committee, reported about her role at the event.

Live Stream and Interaction

The live stream of the event was available on YouTube and other platforms. Viewers can submit live questions during the show. As always, the team provided excellent editorial content for its viewers. For this episode, there were no sketch notes available. Instead, Lisa Moritz appeared in front of the camera to share her thoughts about the conference.

Guest and Broadcast Information

Viewers can find more information about Nora Schöner on her professional website, Wolkencode. The broadcast date for this episode of the videocast is March 24, 2023, and it will be available as a recording after the live streaming. During the live streaming, viewers can submit their questions through Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, or an anonymous form on the videocast website. Software-architektur.tv is a videocast hosted by Eberhard Wolff, a prominent software architect working for INNOQ IT consulting company. The videocast has been providing insights about software architecture and the latest trends in the industry, with more than 100 episodes since June 2020. Heise Developer, an online channel, has been streaming the episodes through YouTube.


The JavaLand Conference is a significant event in the Java community. Developers can learn more about the latest trends, best practices and connect with fellow developers. Nora Schöner and Lisa Moritz shared their insights and experiences about the conference. The videocast on Software-Architektur.tv has been providing valuable insights about software architecture that developers can learn from. Viewers can participate in the live streaming by submitting their questions through various channels.

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