Expanding the Smart Home of Fritzbox: Zigbee Gateway adds more devices

Gateway in the Zigbee pull: More devices for the smart home of the Fritzbox

AVM has released an operating system update for its router extension, the Fritzsmart Gateway. The new FritzOS 7.54 integrates radio switches into the smart home of the Fritzbox using Zigbee 3.0. Previously, only lamps, sockets, and repeaters could be brought into the Smart Home via Zigbee. AVM has expanded its compatibility list accordingly. The DECT module functionality remains unchanged. However, compared to other Zigbee gateways from different manufacturers, AVM is still in its infancy in terms of functionality. The new device class is still an important step as Zigbee switches tend to be cheaper and can be seamlessly integrated into the Smart Home. Mixed automations are also possible, allowing Zigbee switches to control DECT devices. Fritzsmart Gateway combines DECT and Zigbee functions under the same smart home interface. AVM is still working on improvements, such as password entry compatibility with different browsers. AVM has also announced three new Fritz boxes with Zigbee for this year, which will be upgraded to the Matter universal standard along with the Fritzsmart Gateway. FritzOS 7.54 brings additional improvements, including simultaneous switching of multiple Zigbee devices, improved behavior of groups and templates with unreachable Zigbee devices, and fixes for various errors.

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