E-scooters Gain Prominence in Berlin’s Mobility Mix, Says Senator

Traffic turnaround: According to the senator, e-scooters are part of the mobility mix in Berlin

The new Berlin Transport Senate recognizes the importance of sharing offers, including cars and e-scooters, as part of the mobility options in the capital. Transport Senator Manja Schreiner emphasizes the need for a good mobility mix and the role of e-scooters in achieving the mobility turnaround. However, she acknowledges the need for better organization to prevent e-scooters from obstructing sidewalks or ending up in the river. Schreiner plans to meet with sharing providers after the summer break to address these issues and also discuss the promotion of electric cars and providing transportation options in the outlying districts to discourage car ownership. This aligns with the previous government’s approach of considering sharing offers as a key component of the traffic turnaround. Despite stricter regulations, problems with careless parking and discarded scooters remain.

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