Docking Stations for Mac: A Comprehensive Comparison

Comparison test: Docks for the Mac

Macs traditionally have too few interfaces, and on some MacBooks the few are blocked by loading. External adapters can help.

When you return to your desk with your MacBook from a trip, it is very practical to reconnect the charger and all the peripherals with one or two cables, such as a dock or hub. These also bring more and above all other interfaces: This ranges from USB-A to Gigabit Ethernet to HDMI, DisplayPort, audio and SD card readers or other USB-C or Thunderbolt ports. Docks or hubs turn one socket on the Mac into up to 11 interfaces.

Thunderbolt offers the highest speed and variety. USB-C is significantly cheaper. Docks with USB graphics help Macs to have more external monitors. USB Power Delivery saves an additional power supply unit. Some devices also provide power to a MacBook, others draw their power from it, and still others take advantage of the notebook’s power supply through pass-through. The price range for the 16 devices tested ranges from 35 to 360 euros, the number of free interfaces from 3 to 11.

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Comparison test: Docks for the Mac
Test procedure
USB graphics for more monitors
Thunderbolt 4 docks
Thunderbolt 3 docks
USB-C docks
Docks with USB graphics
USB-C hubs
Conclusion and test table

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