Discover the Hilarious Spanish Comedy from HBO Max Now on Mainstream TV – Cuatro

After almost five years of its premiere on TNT Spain, Vota Juan, the popular political satire series starring Javier Cámara, is making its way onto free-to-air television in our country. The series initially debuted on TNT Spain in 2019 with enormous success, leading to two more seasons in the form of two miniseries, Vamos Juan and Venga Juan. Vota Juan also made its way to streaming through HBO Max, where all three parts of the series can be found in their catalog.

Now in 2023, Vota Juan is finally making its debut on conventional television thanks to Mediaset. This successful satirical series will be aired on Cuatro, bringing Juan Carrasco’s political campaign to a wider audience. Cuatro has already started promoting the arrival of Vota Juan on their channel. In addition to the open broadcast of Vota Juan, the move also signifies Cuatro’s commitment to national fiction.

Vota Juan stars Javier Cámara as Juan Carrasco, a bored Minister of Agriculture who after his political campaign experiences a few setbacks, decides to run for the Presidency of the Government. With his diverse campaign team, Juan aims to navigate through the political maze of his party in this satirical take on Spanish politics, which depicts the worst of that world. The show features a talented cast, including María Pujalte, Nuria Mencía, Adam Jezierski, Joaquín Climent, Mona Martínez, Yaël Belicha, Esty Quesada, and Pedro Ángel Roca, among many others.

At present, there is no specific date for the arrival of Vota Juan on Cuatro, but the channel has stated that it’s coming “very soon.” We are anxiously waiting for the announcement of the premiere date and can’t wait to see Juan Carrasco take over our screens once again.

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