DFB Delays Vuskovic Decision Due to Difficulty in Judgment on HSV Case

HSV: judgment too difficult!  DFB postpones Vuskovic decision

The latest round of the doping trial against HSV professional Mario Vuskovic has ended without a conclusion. The DFB sports court needs more time to deliberate and will deliver the verdict in writing within two weeks. Vuskovic and HSV continue to demand an acquittal, stating that the necessary proof of a doping violation has not been provided.

During his closing speech, Vuskovic became emotional, stating that he is innocent and has never cheated. He expressed his wish for the nightmare to end.

The trial has been a demanding and exhausting process for all involved. DFB judge Stephan Oberholz mentioned this during the proceedings.

The HSV club issued a joint statement with Vuskovic’s defense team, expressing their belief that there can only be one acquittal. They expressed understanding for the DFB’s decision to take more time to assess the evidence comprehensively.

The statement also mentioned the unease felt by the DFB control committee about a conviction of Vuskovic based on the applicable statutes.

The outcome of the trial remains uncertain, and Vuskovic and HSV must continue to wait for the verdict.

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