Defeat for Jordan Beyer as Erling Haaland Triumphs: Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Jordan Beyer loses to Erling Haaland

Jordan Beyer, who was on loan from Gladbach to FC Burnley in the English second division, is returning to Germany on Monday. However, he won’t be playing in the Bundesliga for Borussia, but instead, he’ll be joining the German U21 national team.

The team will be playing against Japan on Friday and hosting Romania on March 28 in two important tests before the U21 European Championships in June. Beyer’s outstanding performance with Burnley this season could lead to great success with the U21s.

Borussia’s left-back Luca Netz has also been nominated by the national coach Antonio di Salvo for the upcoming games.

Beyer’s club Burnley is currently positioned 16 points ahead of third place in the league, and they only need three wins from their remaining nine games for immediate promotion.

However, Burnley’s appearance in the English Cup quarter-finals against Manchester City went poorly over the weekend. Burnley lost 6-0 against the top favorites, with Beyer only serving as an extra. ManCity striker Erling Haaland proved to be the main driving force behind the team’s victory, scoring a hat-trick, with Beyer failing to prevent two of his goals.

Despite the loss, Beyer’s remarkable performance this season with Burnley could earn him a place within the German U21 national team.

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