Deadly altercation in Paris canal: two suspects in custody

What happened precisely this Sunday at dawn on the quai de Valmy in Paris (Xe)? The body of a man, who had apparently been beaten, was pulled out of the canal Saint-Martin around 5:30 am by the firefighters from the Landon barracks located nearby, according to police sources.

Two men suspected of assaulting him were apprehended shortly after by a crew from the anti-crime brigade of the XIXth arrondissement and a patrol from the francilian network brigade. They were placed in custody.

Law enforcement was called by residents around 5:15 am for a brawl involving several individuals. Several units rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, officers learned from witnesses that two men had allegedly struck a third with sticks.

The victim, about whom very little is known at this time, reportedly fell into the canal. The suspects, aged 26 and 28, also fell into the water. These Senegalese nationals without papers were taken to Lariboisière Hospital in Paris (Xe) before being placed in custody for voluntary manslaughter. They were apparently in possession of stolen cell phones.

The circumstances of the tragedy remain very unclear at this time. The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation entrusted to the second district of the judicial police.

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