iOS 17 Introduces Dynamic Island as Siri’s New Home and More

iOS 17: Dynamic Island supposedly new home for Siri and more

Technology giant Apple is reportedly planning to increase the use of its Dynamic Island display extension in iOS 17 for notifications. This includes moving Siri’s display from the lower half of the screen to the upper half, a change that was suggested by the marketing department. The use of Dynamic Island is no longer reserved only for the Pro models, but can now also be found in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

With Dynamic Island, Apple has capitalised on the necessity of having a display cut-out for the front camera and face recognition sensors. The pill-shaped black area expands optically to show running stopwatches, system indicators and other notifications. It can also display Live Activities such as the time until arrival for taxi services.

According to an anonymous leaker called “941” on Twitter, Apple is planning additional changes for hardware and software interactions in iOS 17. This leaker correctly predicted the appearance of Dynamic Island and the new battery indicator in iOS 16.1. The marketing department hopes that the inclusion of Dynamic Island in all new fall iPhone models will boost sales.

While it is not yet certain if Siri will actually move to the Dynamic Island, tests are currently being conducted. Currently, users see an animation on the bottom of the screen, which grows into a dialog box with Siri’s responses as it progresses. Other messages will also reportedly move to the Dynamic Island, though no further details have been provided.

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