David’s Bachelor Basket Toss by Fiona

Bachelor David gets a basket: Fiona throws down

Two women decided to leave the competition voluntarily in the third episode of “The Bachelor”. Dance teacher Fiona, who received the first rose from David, and candidate Alyssa had a confession to make. Alyssa revealed that she was still married and needed to appear in court in South Africa for her divorce. Meanwhile, the half-Italian contestant Giovanna felt ignored during a group date and was offended when David emphasized that he valued both similarities and differences. However, David clarified the misunderstanding to the contestants in the next group date and was able to calm things down with Giovanna in private.

While David was chatting with the other contestants, Fiona was hoping for some attention. Disappointed by David’s lack of interaction with her, Fiona decided to leave voluntarily before the rose ceremony. Lisa Roth also had to leave “for family reasons”, and the Bachelor sent home personal trainer Manina and soccer player Maike at the end of the episode.

Overall, the night was filled with drama and revelations among the contestants, showing that finding love on a reality TV show is never easy. David emphasized the importance of honesty and valuing both similarities and differences in a partnership, but it remains to be seen who will receive the final rose.

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