Comparing Wi-Fi 6-Enabled Mesh Systems: A Comprehensive Analysis of Seven Products

Comparing seven mesh systems with Wi-Fi 6​

In a recent comparison article from c’t magazine, the benefits of mesh systems with Wi-Fi 6 were thoroughly tested. The idea behind mesh Wi-Fi is to have multiple bases throughout the home that provide a strong signal and fast internet. This can be achieved with repeaters as well, but mesh systems are easier to set up and reduce the risk of transmission errors.

The seven mesh kits tested ranged from the inexpensive D-Link M15 set of three for just under 170 euros to the Orbi-Kit RBK763 from Netgear, which costs almost 700 euros and also has three radio stations. Almost all of the kits have an integrated router function, allowing for easy setup of the internet connection.

The article also highlights the importance of matching Wi-Fi 6 capabilities between the router and repeater. It is best to stick with one manufacturer for support questions and ensure compatibility.

The article goes on to detail the setup and WLAN options of each kit, as well as their performance and power consumption. Individual reviews of each kit are provided, allowing readers to make an informed decision based on their specific needs.

In conclusion, mesh systems with Wi-Fi 6 are a great option for those looking for a strong and fast Wi-Fi signal throughout their home. The kits tested in the article vary in price and capabilities, providing options for different budgets and needs. For more information and a detailed test table, readers can check out the article in c’t magazine.

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