Heino Performs Live in the Dutch Village of Heino, No Kidding!

No joke!  Heino gives a concert in the Dutch village of Heino

Heino’s Homecoming Concert in Heino

At the age of 84, the German folk singer Heino still manages to captivate audiences with his music. Recently, he gave a concert in Holland at the place that bears his name – Heino! For 30 years, the little town of Heino had been trying to get the singer to perform there, and finally, the time has come.

Heino was elated to be playing a concert in Heino, describing the place as “really beautiful, very well-kept.” The village, which has a population of 7190, belongs to the municipality of Raalte and is home to historic Nijenhuis Castle, which now houses an art museum. The outskirts of the town also boast the popular summer camp, Summercamp Heino, which attracts young people from far and wide.

Despite the small population, Heino’s concert at the Kulturhaus was sold-out, with 700 fans from three generations turning up to celebrate the singer’s hits such as “Rosamunde” and “Blue blots the gentian”. The atmosphere was electric, and at the end of the concert, fans cried out “HEINO HEINO” in unison, to which the singer obliged with an encore.

Heino was happy to be back in Heino, and the people there were equally delighted. The folk singer promises to return to Heino every year for a concert, as he has “really grown to love Heino”. Such a promise has brought joy to the hearts of the locals who are already looking forward to another concert!

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