Can the Paris 2024 Olympics Transform France? Our Journalists on Twitch

The Olympic Games could leave a significant legacy beyond the sporting event: transportation, housing, the role of sports in society… Your questions to Laure Bretton, editor-in-chief in charge of covering the Games, and Sylvain Mouillard, head of the Society department. Live on Twitch.

Criticism has been added to the controversies. In recent weeks, the Olympic Games have been making noise. The poster for the Paris Games, rumors of a performance by singer Aya Nakamura at the opening ceremony, or the criteria for choosing the future French flag bearer: almost everything has been the subject of more or less heated debates. Controversies that the organizing committee, the city of Paris, or the Elysée would have probably preferred to avoid as these Olympics were already under attack on issues of security or transportation.

However, upon closer inspection, several important indicators seem to be green, four months before the event. The construction of the main sports and non-sports infrastructure is on schedule and could even, beyond the Olympics, change the lives of many French people. So, could these Paris Games finally be a beautiful gift, or will they be poisoned?

With Laure Bretton, editor-in-chief in charge of coordinating the coverage of the Olympics at Libération, and Sylvain Mouillard, head of the Society department, we will explore the legacy that these Paris Games will leave us, live on our Twitch channel starting at 7 pm. You can ask them all your questions about this event, both feared and anticipated, via the chat by creating an account. Our stream will also be available at the top of this article.

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