City E-Bike Showdown: Comparing Ampler and VanMoof’s Offerings

From Ampler to VanMoof: who builds the best city e-bike?  |  c't uplink 48.3b

Commuting Made Easy: Smart E-Bikes Take Center Stage

As cities grow more crowded, people are looking for more eco-friendly and efficient ways to get around. This is where the smart e-bike comes in. With promises of relaxed commuting and impressive stats, these bikes have captured the attention of many urban commuters. In fact, the c’t podcast c’t uplink recently dedicated an entire episode to exploring the different smart city bikes on the market.

The featured brands included Ampler, Honbike, Rose, Urtopia, and VanMoof. Each bike boasts different strengths, whether it be all-around functionality or sportier options. However, not all bikes are created equal, as some are still dealing with early issues.

In the studio for the podcast were Robin Brandt, Steffen Hergert, and Stefan Porteck, moderated by Sophia Zimmermann. This is the first of a two-part episode dedicated to e-bikes. The second part, airing on Saturday, will cover the basics people should consider when buying an e-bike.

For those interested in learning more, c’t 11/2023 is available in kiosks, browsers, and the c’t app for iOS and Android. Whether e-bikes will be the key to more relaxed and efficient commuting remains to be seen, but the interest in this technology shows no signs of slowing down.

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