Boosting Software Security with AI Against Errors

Software security: With AI against software errors

Software security is one of the biggest concerns of today’s digital world. It is essential that software development teams are able to identify and fix vulnerabilities to ensure that applications are secure. However, fixing insecure code can be a time-consuming and complex process.

To help development teams out with this task, Veracode has introduced a new product called Fix. This product is supported by machine learning technology, which automates the process of identifying insecure code and suggests fixes to developers.

This automation makes the fixing process much faster and more efficient than traditional methods. The machine learning algorithms are continually updated with the latest security intelligence to ensure that the product remains effective even as new vulnerabilities emerge.

Veracode’s Fix product is designed to work within the development process, providing developers with the tools they need to fix insecure code at the earliest possible stage. This ensures that security is built into applications from the ground up, rather than being an afterthought that is added in at a later stage.

In addition to improving security, the product is also designed to be user-friendly. Developers can easily integrate it into their existing workflows, and the product is designed to provide clear and concise feedback that can be easily understood by non-security specialists.

Overall, Veracode’s Fix product is an important development in the fight against software vulnerabilities. By automating the process of fixing insecure code, development teams can devote more time to creating secure and high-quality applications. With the support of machine learning technology, Veracode’s Fix product is a valuable tool for organisations looking to improve their software security.

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