Join Fall Campus 2023: Register Now for the Online Developer Conference

Developer Conference: Program online – register now for Fall Campus 2023

The Herbstcampus is a highly recommended developer conference for those living in the greater Nuremberg area. The 15th edition of the conference will occur from September 5th to 7th, 2023 at the Technical University of Nuremberg, offering attendees a professional and family-friendly environment to explore current trends in the industry. The program has been largely completed, giving attendees insight into what to expect.

The conference is spread over three days, with a training day preceding the two main conference days. The training day consists of three full-day workshops, followed by almost 40 sessions spread across the two main conference days. Unlike other conferences, the sessions will be 70 minutes long, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the topics that interest them the most.

The conference covers a varied range of topics, including software architecture, quality assurance, security, and artificial intelligence. The lectures will touch on topics such as the use of ChatGPT in application development, prompt engineering, and self-construction of GPT-like systems. Programming languages like Java/Jakarta EE, Kotlin, and JavaScript will also be covered.

Some of the highlights of the lecture program include a discussion on Java 21, pattern matching, and virtual threads, the migration of an application from Jakarta EE to Quarkus, and supply chain security from commit to deployment. There will also be discussions relating to effective prompt engineering, and the implementation of DDD through Hexagonal, Onion, or Clean architectures.

Registration for the conference has already started, with an early bird discount available until July 18th, 2023. The regular price is €830, with an additional fee of €499 for the training day. Attendees can save money by booking tickets for both the main conference and the training day, with groups receiving at least a 15% discount.

The Herbstcampus conference is organized by heise Developer, iX, and dpunkt.verlag in partnership with IT service provider MATHEMA, which has been responsible for the conference since 2015. To stay updated on the conference, attendees can subscribe to the newsletter or follow the organizers on Twitter.

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