Cathy Hummels Astonishes Fans in Shared Video with Ex Mats

Cathy Hummels, a well-known personality, recently took to Instagram with a rare moment that caught the attention of her fans. The TV presenter has faced criticism in the past for showing a lot of skin in her posts, with some even attacking her parenting skills. However, she has now decided to share a video of herself and her ex-husband, Mats, but with a special touch.

In her post, Cathy revealed that her son Ludwig was the one behind the camera, filming them during their shopping trip to Munich. The five-year-old got the chance to spend quality time with his parents, and it seems like a memory that they all cherished.

Cathy has been open about the difficulties of starting a new life after her divorce from Mats. However, by showing herself and her ex-husband in such a harmonious way, it’s clear that they have no bad blood between them. Moreover, by involving their son in their activity, it’s evident that they will continue to co-parent little Ludwig with utmost responsibility.

Cathy’s latest post is a far cry from the previous ones that earned her negative comments. It’s heartening to see her sharing such a special moment with her fans, revealing that despite difficulties, she can still find joy in life.

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