Benoît Gagnon Takes Over from Jean-Thomas Jobin

Benoît Gagnon: The Host of Survivor Quebec in Overtime

Benoît Gagnon is one of the most prominent personalities on Quebec television. He has made his comeback to our screens, notably with his participation in the third season of Big Brother Celebrities. But there’s more – Benoît has just landed a brand-new gig as the host of Survivor Quebec in overtime!

Survivor Quebec in Overtime

Joining Benoît on this exciting new project are his collaborators Alexandre Despatie, Geneviève Hébert-Dumont, François Lambert, Lysandre Nadeau, Alex Perron, Guillaume Pineault, and Tammy Verge. Together, they will be analyzing the highlights of the week, presenting exclusive capsules filmed in the Philippines, and interviewing the eliminated players – all with a touch of humor and lightness.

A Spectacular Turn of Events

Originally, comedian Jean-Thomas Jobin was supposed to take on the role of host for Survivor Quebec in overtime. However, in a surprising turn of events, Jean-Thomas decided to withdraw from the project in order to remain fair. Despite this decision, fans can still see Jean-Thomas hosting some twenty digital capsules, the first of which is already available on

Benoît’s Love for Survivor

As a longtime fan of Survivor, Benoît is thrilled to be leading heated discussions, speculating on the course of the competition, and analyzing the strategies of the players with his new colleagues.

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