Ballerina: The Exciting Spin-Off That Didn’t Originate From John Wick Saga!

The fourth installment of the John Wick series has returned to the big screen, bringing back the beloved Keanu Reeves and his iconic armored suit. And it doesn’t stop there – two additional projects are in the works to expand the John Wick universe even further. The Continental is a series that follows Winston’s rise to power in the hotel of the same name in New York City. Then there’s Ballerina, where Ana de Armas will portray one of the survivors of the attack on the Ruska Roma theater.

Despite her limited screen time in John Wick 3, the Ballerina character actually predates the film’s production. According to producer Erica Lee, the original script for Ballerina was not initially intended to be a part of the John Wick universe. In fact, it was a completely separate project with different concepts and ideas.

However, during the development process, the filmmakers decided to combine the two projects, leading to the creation of Ballerina as we know it today. This allowed for the incorporation of fan-favorite characters such as Winston, Charon, The Director, and, of course, John Wick himself.

But Ballerina won’t just be a female-led version of John Wick. The main character, Rooney, is seeking revenge for the murder of her family – a plot line that aligns with the first film in the John Wick series. similarities between the two characters include their origins and their propensity for action, but Rooney’s story remains unique and separate from that of John Wick.

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