Arabella Kiesbauer’s Ski Slope Mishap is No Laughing Matter

Arabella Kiesbauer: Serious accident on the ski slope!

Ski Vacation Mishap: Arabella Kiesbauer’s Misfortune on the Slopes

Arabella Kiesbauer, the famous Austrian presenter, took a ski vacation in the Tyrolean mountains, hoping to enjoy the snowy slopes of Kitzbühel. However, her trip took a wrong turn when she had a terrible fall on the piste that resulted in a broken leg.

Sharing the unfortunate event on her Instagram account, Kiesbauer posted a video of herself being transported on skis by the mountain rescue team to the nearest hospital, with the song “Oh Shit I’m Fucked” playing in the background. “Unfortunately, the lyrics fit perfectly with my accident on the ski slope!” Kiesbauer wrote ironically.

Despite the mishap, Kiesbauer seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, including joking about her guardian angel watching over her. She even expressed gratitude towards the mountain rescue team and called herself “lucky in disguise.”

Adventurous travelers are reminded always to take precautions while indulging in winter sports. It’s essential to wear the appropriate gear, follow safety guidelines, and keep emergency numbers at hand. Even with a guardian angel watching over, accidents can still happen. Stay safe on the slopes!

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