Apple Introduces Emotion Tracking to Monitor Mental Health

Mental health: Apple allows emotion tracking

Apple has announced several new health functions that will be available in the upcoming release of iOS 17. For the first time, users will be able to use the Health app to track personal well-being, including daily moods and current emotions. This information can help users better understand what affects their mood and identify potential indicators of depression or anxiety. The app will also include standard questionnaires from psychology to help users determine whether they may need to seek help from a therapist.

All data collected through the Health app will be stored locally and encrypted. The Health app has been revamped and optimized for iOS 17, and will also be available on iPadOS 17. The larger screen of the iPad will provide users with a better overview of their health data.

In addition to mental health tracking, the Health app will also include information about local offers of help. Another new feature is a function to prevent nearsightedness, particularly in children. Users can set their iPhone to measure the distance to the device and adjust their screen time accordingly to reduce digital eyestrain.

While the Health app is focused on tracking health data, Apple is also releasing a new journaling app called Journal in parallel with iOS 17. The app is designed for users to reflect on and record their days, but does not include the psychological questionnaires or mood tracking found in the Health app.

Both the Health app and Journal app are private, with users able to share entries with other people, including doctors. iOS 17 is expected to be released in September.

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