DE-CIX Opens Internet Hub in Finland

DE-CIX puts internet hub into operation in Finland

In times of growing amounts of data, high-performance internet exchange points (IXPs) are essential for a fast internet. The backbone infrastructures of many network operators meet here, so that data traffic can flow between the individual networks and to international destinations.

Cross-connections between backbone networks are also referred to as “peering” in technical jargon. The HE1 is one of the data centers operated by Equinix in Helsinki. Thanks to the partnership with DE-CIX, customers can now use extensive peering offers.

The internet exchange operator DE-CIX, known after the large hub of the same name in Frankfurt, opened new locations in Helsinki at the beginning of June. The company has not moved into any new buildings for this purpose, but has entered into a partnership with the global data center operator Equinix.

Equinix operates six data centers in Helsinki and almost 70 locations across Europe. According to DE-CIX, customers in Finland can now have direct access to over 50 clouds, more than 2000 local and international networks and over 250 data centers in Europe, Asia and the USA – with just one contract.

DE-CIX did not say in detail which technology went into operation at the locations. At the same time, however, the company celebrated the tenth anniversary of its partnership with Nokia and praised their hardware as innovative. Specifically, DE-CIX mentioned the Nokia router 7750 SR-14s, which is also said to be in use in Frankfurt.

Nokia’s 7750-SR-s series is intended for large network operators. The routers almost exclusively have slots for fiber optic modules (CFP2-DCO, (Q)SFP, etc.) and deliver forwarding performance in the Tbit/s range. Depending on the model, up to 432 slots are available for 400 Gigabit/s Ethernet. 800 Gigabit/s Ethernet is also already supported.

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