Diego Boneta’s Unrecognizable Transformation in a Hit Netflix Film

Diego Boneta: Rising Star of Netflix

Diego Boneta rose to international fame after playing Luis Miguel in his biopic for Netflix. However, his career began in 2002, and he has had different star characters in important productions within the artistic medium. “El Titán,” from 2018, is one of them. Although the actor and singer played a supporting role, Boneta’s fans were more than happy with his character for “El Titán.”


In the Netflix movie, Diego Boneta looks unrecognizable as he has much shorter and darker hair. In addition, he wears glasses and a military suit as part of the staging for this science fiction film that became one of the public’s favorites. This is a facet that we have rarely seen in the famous actor, but it is indisputable that his daring look suits him quite well during his participation in the film.

“El Titán” has a duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes. In this tape classified as a drama by Netflix, the actor Diego Boneta plays Dr. Iker Hernández. The film has too much suspense and added to Boneta’s performance, it has caused a furor on the streaming platform.

Diego Boneta conquers Netflix with “El Titán”

Since the streaming platform added “El Titán” to its catalog this March, the film’s ranking has not stopped growing among the most viewed. One of its greatest attractions is the interpretation of the Mexican. Boneta’s fans were more than happy with his character for “El Titán” and applauded the actor’s physical appearance.

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